These 5 vegetables are beneficial for both health and beauty

Written by Tony

If you want to look beautiful and young, then know about these 5 vegetables. These vegetables are not only beneficial for health but also enhance beauty –

1. Tomato: Applying lemon juice mixed with tomato juice removes the problem of open pores. When there is oily skin, cut the tomato in half and rub it on the face. After some time wash and wipe face. By doing this, extra oiliness is removed.

2. Potato: Putting thin slices of potato on the eyes provides relief to tired eyes. Raw potato juice removes dark circles of the eyes. Do not throw away the remaining water after boiling the potatoes, keep it submerged for some time, then wash with clean water. Your hands will be clean and soft.

3. Cucumber: Cucumber is a natural cleanser. This is extremely beneficial for oily skinners. Make a paste by mixing sandalwood powder in cucumber juice. Apply it on the face. Wash it after some time. With its regular use, the face will be freckled. Apart from this, applying rose water and a few drops of lemon juice mixed with cucumber (cucumber) juice makes the face clear.

4. Peppermint: Fragrance Peppermint can relieve you from the problem of acne. Mix sandalwood powder and multani soil in mint paste and apply on the face. Wash when dry. Its regular use is helpful in removing pimples.

5. Radish: The radish of salad can add new life to your withering face. Mixing butter in radish juice and applying it on the face regularly ends staleness and freckles.

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