Most boys make such a mistake in wearing shoes, keep these things in mind

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Do you remember how you used to wear shoes as a child? Early in school I used to wear papa or mummy shoes. Because at that time I used to make a mistake in wearing shoes. This must have happened to you too. You too must have learned to wear shoes as you age.

Now you must have learned to wear shoes well, but hardly you know that you still make many mistakes in wearing them. Maybe you don’t believe this. But today we are telling you here, what kind of mistakes do boys make in wearing shoes?

Casual and formal shoes are available in the market. How do you like shoes when you go to buy them? Like others, you will also try on the shoes and get them packed when you feel comfortable.

Do you also bow down while wearing a shoe? Some stand and wear shoes. Some lift one leg and wear a shoe on the other. The correct way is to try the shoe and try fitting it on the bench to try on the shoe. Read further what kind of mistakes boys make in wearing shoes.

Dark Color Shoe with Light Color Pants

Boys should not wear dark-coloured shoes with light coloured pants. Dork color shoes you should carry on formal or business outfits. In casual look, you should avoid black or dark-coloured shoes on light coloured jeans or pants. Carry only shoes matching it with light coloured pants.

Wear Matching Socks with Shoe

This is a very common thing, but most boys wear socks with any color. The correct way is that you should wear matching socks with the color of shoes. To know the right way to wear socks, you can click here to read.

The right colour socks can enhance your look. Not only this, the colour of your belt should never match with shoes. It is not that you wear a brown belt on black shoes.

Wear a Shining Shoe with Jeans

It is often seen that many boys wear shiny black or red shoes with jeans. Perhaps they like it, only then do it. But it is not perfect. Shining shoes you should wear only on formal pants, tuxedos or coat-pants.

Sport Shoe With Formal

Some even wear sports shoes in formal outfits. It does not look good at all. People who do this argue that the feet are comfortable. Brother, when you start wearing formal shoes, then it will become his habit. Take care ahead and do not make the mistake of wearing sports shoes on formal outfits.

wear shoes without socks

You may have often seen friends, brothers, and some Kylig wearing shoes without socks. Not wearing socks can damage the skin of your foot. Having Socks also won’t cause problems in your ankles. If you have trouble with ankle length socks, you can wear seamless socks.

Walk With Sneaker Or Canvas Shoes

Many people make the mistake of wearing a snicker or canvas shoes for a walk or gym. This can damage your feet, as they are not designed for running or walking. Always wear sports shoes for a walk or gym.

Not Caring Shoe

Boys buy expensive shoes, but do not care for them. You should keep your shoes clean. If you have sports shoes, you can wash them periodically. Apart from this, you can also polish and polish the formal shoes with the help of a brush. Polishing increases the life of shoes.

Keeping your shoes and socks clean will not cause any problem in your feet. Many times shoes and socks get dirty and complain of fungal feet. At the same time, your feet also smell, which causes a bad impression on the front.

Shoes Shopping Tips

  • Always wear branded shoes. The method of preparing local shoes is not standard. There may be a problem in his size as well.
  • Branded shoes are made on a set parameter. The company rejects it if it goes wrong. Shoe is sent to the market only after investigation.
  • Many people take a shoe according to the width of the claw, but you should pay attention to the fitting more than the width of the claw.
  • Buy a foot shoe that comes comfortably. Your foot may ache when the shoe is tight.
  • The life of the shoe is 6 to 12 months. After this, his shape starts changing and you start feeling unconcerted. So do not wear the shoe for a long time.

Correct shoe formula

  • Try Boat Shoes or Snicker with Shorts or Bermuda.
  • Sports shoes with jeans give a good look. Therefore, wear sports shoes only.
  • Wearing sneakers and loafers with chinos will make you feel good.
  • Kurta- Try Kolhapuri chappals or shoes with pyjamas.

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