Laundry Tips To Wash Winter Clothes At Home

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Winter clothes do not go bad, so most people are afraid to clean them. If you too know the right way to wash winter jackets, sweaters and hoodies, then you can get out of this fear.

If you do not want to give stylish winter wear to the laundry, then it is important that you learn to take care of them. Taking care of clothes will always keep the shine of your winter dress. Not only this, due to clean clothes, you will also avoid skin problem.

Like summer, you can clean your shoes in winter too. Can also remove stains from clothes. If you talk about the dress, then the fabric of winter wear is different from summer clothes. Therefore, you must know the right way to clean clothes in the cold.

What to do before washing winter wear?

Washing clothes requires clean water and detergent. This does not mean that you should wash every cloth with detergent.

The sticker/label attached to the dress should be read before washing any clothes. The correct way to wash the clothes is written on it, read it carefully. It is written to wash the cloth in warm water, so do not soak it in cold water. Also, use detergent as written. Written on the fabric, the fabric can deteriorate quickly if it ignores the method of washing. Also, the fitting of the fabric can also deteriorate.

How to clean woollen wear/sweater?

Woolen clothes should never be washed in the washing machine. You can wash the sweater after wearing it 5-6 times. Wear sweater over shirt or T-shirt and follow these tips to clean it thoroughly.

  • Always clean the sweater with a handwash.
  • Use liquid detergent, such as E.G., to wash the sweater. Do not use detergent powder.
  • Washing in the washing machine spoils the luster of woolen clothes. Also, the fibers of the cloth come out. Knitting sweaters can also open.
  • Do not dry the sweater in strong sunlight. After washing the woollen wear, squeeze lightly. After this, a lattice chair or flat can be dried by spreading it in a clean place.

How to wash sweater stains?

  • If there are marks of ink or any other thing on the woolen cloth, then clean it by applying tomato juice on it.
  • If the fruit is stained, first apply glycerin on the stained area. Wash the sweater after a while. This will make the stain lighter.
  • If oil is applied on the blanket or woolen cloth, apply curd on the area. Only then wash the clothes.

What to do when the sweater weeps?

The sweater starts to look ugly as it weeps. You remove the hair with sandpaper. For this, gently rub the sandpaper on the sweater. Apart from washing, you should also come up with the right way to keep the sweater in the wardrobe.

Never hang the sweater on the hanging nail, this can spoil its perfect size. Always keep the sweater in the wardrobe only after folding.

Cleaning leather jackets

Leather jackets are very expensive, so avoid trying new ones to clean them. Once the leather jacket is damaged you will not want to wear it. So you should come up with the right way to clean it.

  • Before washing the regular leather winter wear at home, read the instructions on the label.
  • To remove stains or dust or dirt on the leather wear, you can clean with a soft leather cleaner in a wet cloth.
  • Use a special brush to remove spots on the sweat leather.
  • If leather has started to stink, then get washed by the leather care expert dry cleaners.
  • Periodically polished to retain the shine of the leather jacket.

Taking care of leather boots and winter accessories

If you wear leather boots in winter, be sure to clean them as well. Spray the waterproof liquid on the leather boots before wearing them. Wear boots only after drying. This way your leather boots can last longer.

If your woollen sox is dirty, add one cup of white vinegar to one liter of water and boil it lightly. Soak dirty sox in this mixture overnight. The next morning wash the soaks out of water with light hands and dry them in the dryer.

Apart from this, do not be negligent in cleaning Vullen scarves, gloves and hats. Hair oil and moisturize layer accumulates on these. Therefore, they must be washed once a week.

Other things to do winter dress care

  • Keep the winter wears in the wardrobe only after drying them properly.
  • Avoid machine washes, as this causes the fabric to shine.
  • If one of your jackets does not stop zipping, rub wax or soap over it. After this, open and close it 3-4 times.
  • Do not use a brush to wash the winter dress.
  • Use body deodorant before wearing any cloth.

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