Facebook will ban medical mask advertisements


Washington Facebook has decided to permanently ban facial medical mask advertisements so that this social media platform cannot be used to further raise people’s concerns about the corona virus. The company said that along with banning advertisements on the social media platform, as well as banning the posting of posts on the Facebook marketplace for commercial purposes, the company said.

Facebook said it would begin imposing sanctions in the next few days. “Our teams are closely monitoring the status of the Kovid-19 and if we feel that people try to take advantage of this public health emergency,” said Rob Leathern, the company’s product management director, in a statement released late Friday. If we are doing it, then we will make the necessary changes in our policies. ”Even before this, Facebook banned advertisements making false claims about the new Corona virus. It was decided to run. These advertisements are related to products in which all claims have been made about this virus.

The social networking company said on Thursday that it was removing advertisements that mention a product and also wrote that its supply was limited. Apart from this, such advertisements are also being removed which guarantee the prevention or treatment of the virus. Some public health officials have appealed to the people to stop buying masks and said that they are not effective in protecting public health.


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