Do you also wash hair at night? These problems may occur

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Many women do not like to wash hair in the morning. She does not have to wash her hair in the morning, so she sleeps after washing her hair at night. But you might be surprised to know that washing your hair at night causes a lot of damage to your hair. Let’s know-how.

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Hair breaks

Washing hair at night weakens both hair and roots. Sleeping on wet hair breaks hair more. When the hair is wet, the cuticle of the hair gets higher, which causes hair breakage.

Hair texture is bad

After washing hair at night, if you sleep in wet hair then it takes different shapes. On waking up in the morning, you will get your hair texture damaged.

Hair tangles

Many women do not settle them with a comb after washing their hair at night, due to which there are lumps in the hair. Hair gets tangled after drying. By pulling them and pulling them, hair starts breaking.

Risk of infection

Sleeping on wet hair can cause problems like fungus, dandruff, hair loss and infection. Wet hair causes rapid fungal growth due to moisture.

May cause allergic reactions

Washing hair at night may increase colds or colds. It can also cause headaches and heaviness. Adding dust to wet hair for a long time also increases the risk of allergy. If you have to wash hair at night, then sleep it after drying it properly.

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